When Do You Start Using Highchair

Obviously there comes a time when this question pops in every parent’s mind and it’s a pretty legit question to be honest. Because when you’re ‘thinking’ of putting a baby in a high chair, your baby is still in a fragile state, so there’s no place for a stupid action.

  1. Why Do You Need It?

Yes, at first we must know, what a high chair’s groove purpose is. Until reaching a certain age, children are dependent on their guardians for every action. Since, eating is the most important activity of an infant’s life, the method of doing it also comes with certain rules.

For the first couple of months it’s limited to feeding in your laps. But as his body grows, it’s not possible to keep him in your body forever.

Moreover, one day he has to grow up and learn to eat his food like every other ten people. To put an end to the ‘lap feeding’ period and in order to prepare him for sitting and eating, you got to start from somewhere.

In this case, the starting point is the high chair. You need it to transfer him from lap feeding to actual human feeding, have to build the eating while sitting habit as well.

When you’re ready for the transition, this is when you need to move your baby to the high chair.

  1. What Is The Age?

Yes, you got to transfer him someday to the high chair, but is it just any day? Hell, no! There’s an age for that. Actually it depends on the growth. Baby’s bones remain fragile when he’s just a few months old. You can’t put him right then in the chair. He won’t be able to sit.

So, you’ll have to wait till his spine is strong enough to stay upright and give the neck a boost. It actually happens during the fourth, fifth or the sixth month, so this is the approximated right age to put a baby in a high chair.

Although it depends on the baby completely as all baby don’t grow in the same rate. Some takes a little longer than usual to receive enough strength to be put in a chair.

  1. Is He Sitting?

Well, we know about the right age of sitting, but we also know deep down, sometimes the age is nothing but a number. Your baby can be in his fifth month, but for growth delay it can take much longer for him to have enough strength for this purpose.

So, it’s actually his sitting ability that matters the most in this case. Is he being able to sit? You should work on it, which we know you’ll.

You’ll try to make him sit and if he’s capable of leaning against an upright surface, you can take him granted for sitting. Because the capacity of leaning against the surface is enough for a child to be eligible for a high chair.

However, don’t try to force it on him, the consequence of forcing will never be good. Let him learn the process gradually, that’s what will be the best for him.

  1. What Is He Eating?

Well, if he’s still living on breastfeeding only, but can sit somehow, you can actually put him in a high chair for your convenience. But to be true, there’s no rush in it and you don’t need to get all worked up. When he’s in a solid diet, there shouldn’t be any delay.

Because that’s when his body reaches the maturity to be fed in a high chair and for better habit, he should be put in one. Once you start the solid diet, it’s high time you moved him to the high chair.

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