What Are The Best Faucet Brands?

A faucet isn’t merely a fixture that sits in the background in your home. Rather a stylish faucet adds to the overall décor of your kitchen as well as your bathroom.

Being in the kitchen design business for years, I’ve dealt with a wide variety of faucet brands. Thus, I’ve grasped quite a good idea about the specs, materials, and the features they provide. Here, I’ve gathered them all which I found would be the best for your home décor and daily purpose as well. The best kitchen faucet reviews also helped me to make this list.

Moen 7594ESRS:

This one of the highest priced faucets come with a dizzying array of options. You can choose between oil rubbed bronze, spot resist stainless, matte black or chrome. If you buy one with a motion-sense feature, it’ll allow you to use the faucet with no touch hand motion. It’s better than the one without the motion-sense if you are concerned about germs. It provides five years warranty on the digital components. Again, batteries also have a good lifespan. If multiple sensors are too much for you, then you can independently disable one. Flow rate- 2 gallon per minute (GPM).

Delta 9178-AR-DST:

Next on the list is also a high priced brand. It’s available in arctic stainless, Venetian bronze and chrome finishes. The water flow rate is 1.8 GPM. The color indicator on the base changes color depending on the temperatures. The finishes, design and multiple features make it stand out in your kitchen.

Kohler K-560-VS:

This, on our list, is another proven brand name. It comes up in oil rubbed, vibrant stainless and polished chrome. It supports both 1 and three hole installations. The flow rate is 1.8 GPM. The design is so uncomplicated and perfect that you are bound to wonder.

Kraus KPF-1602:

Continuing the high price serial, Kraus KPF-1602 is another lucrative one. Both chrome and stainless steel finishes are available. The rust resistant lead-free brass makes it durable. And the commercial spring design gives it a restaurant dishwasher-like look. Its flow rate is 1.8 GPM. The integrated two-way diverter guarantees a smoother control. Additionally, there’s a single level flow control feature. It breaks the myth of difficulty in operating a pre-rinse faucet.

Kraus KPF-2110:

It’s another high price one with an outstanding durability and an incredible set of features. Being a lead-free brass unit, it retains a new like look for years. The single level design provides full control over water flow and temperature. The faucet head functions as a pullout sprayer. In spite of combining all these features, the quality doesn’t slip.

Kohler K-596-CP:

It’s a simple single whole pull-down faucet with a high arc style. It comes with a high arc spout in the case if it can’t clean all the utensils at once. The faucet rotates at an angle 360 degree which eases the cleaning of everything. It provides a regular flow rate of 1.8 GPM.

Décor star TPC11-TO:

Heading towards the low price faucets, décor star TPC11-TO be the first. It contains an extended base instead of a swivel point. This base provides more breathing room allowing swivel from a much higher point. The flow rate maxes at 2.2 GPM.

American Standard 4175.300.002

Though it goes around the second in low price range, it still offers some great features. You’ll find stainless steel, polished chrome and matte black of this brand. Features like pause feature, adjustable spray pattern keep it on top of the great price. Flow rate- 2.2 GPM.

Final Verdict:

Apart from the utility of faucets, People nowadays look more for unique designs. Again, if the design clashes with rest of the materials, it will fail to give a trendy look to your kitchen. Therefore, you must be careful so that the faucet be up to par with the surrounding decoration. I hope this list of faucet brands will help you to have the best-suited one for your home.

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